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Greater Newark Conservancy offers hands-on, inquiry-based environmentally-themed programs. The Conservancy’s professional staff is a partner in educating your students. We work at the intersection of environmental, food, and racial justice to promote the health and well-being of Newark residents, particularly our students and families we serve. We strive to reverse the long history of systemic racism to improve social determinants of health by expanding access to green spaces, nutritious food, wellness education, and youth development in our Newark Schools and surrounding community. 

Our programs increase student enthusiasm, comprehension, and retention of key concepts across your school’s curriculum. Whether you visit us at the Conservancy’s Judith L. Shipley Urban Environmental Center, at one of our urban farms, or schedule one of our Reverse Field Trips to your classroom, we will work with you to meet your classroom needs. You may even be lucky enough to have your very own FoodCorps Service Member serving at your school, providing hands-on lessons around the garden and cooking nutritious food. Check out more about our partnership with FoodCorps on the tab to the left!

On top of our Education Programs and FoodCorps partnership, we are thankful to the support offered through both Seeds of Change as well the Nourishing Newark Community Grants Program, which is a local funding opportunity developed to convene multiple sectors (non-profits, schools, urban farmers, community gardeners, and others) to work collectively and pool resources to more effectively fight food insecurity in our community. Through their support, we are able to work and collaborate with various elementary and high schools in Newark to assist with their school garden programs. Read more about our Farm to School impact on the tab to the left! 


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