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Nutrition Programs


Healthy eating, healthy ingredients, and nutritious options: all major components of a healthy diet.

However, it’s not always easy to determine what you should eat, where to get fresh, good-for-you ingredients, or how you can make simple, easy changes to improve your overall diet. 

That’s where our nutrition programs can help!  We proudly provide education for young people, their parents and grandparents, or anyone who wishes to learn how to “eat to live” rather than “live to eat!” From the exploration of different foods and recipes that provide various health benefits, to providing helpful materials (including our “Health in the City” documentary, see below!) and new ideas to our students, we aim to strengthen the overall health and well-being of our community. Eat well, feel well!


Support for our Nutritional Health Programs is provided by: The Horizon Foundation for New Jersey.


Learn more about the variety of nutrition and cooking programs we offer below. 


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Healthy Seniors Program

The Healthy Seniors Program began in 2016 as a pilot program at one senior citizen residence in Newark, funded by the Grotta Fund for Senior Care. Since then, the program has been a great success, and was expanded to two more Newark senior centers, made possible by a generous grant from the Healthcare Foundation. Now in the second year of this version, the program includes monthly nutrition workshops and produce bag deliveries at each of the sites, pop up farm stands, and monthly cooking programs in the Conservancy’s Teaching Kitchen. The seniors also participate in special events like Healthy Cooking Challenges and potlucks lunches.


Family Fun in the Kitchen

Family Fun in the Kitchen is the perfect opportunity to learn new easy, nutritious, and delicious recipes that you can make with children! Bond with your child and teach them pertinent cooking skills while trying something you both can enjoy! Recipes have included flatbread pizza, black bean tacos, zoodles, hoppin’ John, smoothies, and more!

All recipes are peanut-free and meat-free.

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Please inform staff if you or your child has any allergies or dietary restrictions.

Catch up on FFIK!

Download the dumpling recipe here!

Healthy Eating Program

The Healthy Eating Program takes place in schools and is geared toward 4th-8th grade students, a critical age when youth begin to make their own food choices.  The hands-on program covers the basics of nutrition, the crucial skills of reading nutrition facts labels (something most adults don’t do!), seeing exactly how much sugar is in soda, reflecting on food choices through keeping a food diary, and more!  This program will change how your students think about food and encourage them to take ownership of their health.

Student nutrition programming is enhanced and reinforced through parent nutrition workshops at schools and other community centers.


Health in the City documentary

A look into the lives of some local residents as they make changes to become healthier.

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