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Newark Youth Leadership Project Summer 2022

Application Form

Thank you for your interest in a summer internship with Newark Youth Leadership Project (NYLP)!

NYLP is a paid internship program designed to engage Newark youth in hands-on activities related to the environment, urban agriculture, and community education. During the 6-week summer program, high school interns work under the guidance of Greater Newark Conservancy staff and College Mentors to develop and hone skills in a variety areas related to urban farming, community greening, horticulture, hydroponic growing, school garden education, community engagement and advocacy, and more! 

What do we do? Greater Newark Conservancy fosters collaboration in our community at the intersection of environmental, food, and racial justice to promote the health and well being of Newark residents. Our programs work to reverse the long history of systemic racism to improve social determinants of health by expanding access to green spaces, nutritious food, wellness education, and youth development.

What will you do? Over the course of the program, interns will be encouraged to explore the outdoors, to have new experiences with food and the environment, and to become the next generation of environmental and community leaders.

Applicants must be a current high school student and at least 14 years old by the start of the program. This application will be closed on April 30, 2022. Applicants should prepare to participate in a phone interview. Positions are limited. 

Program Start: June 2022

Weekly Hours: 16-25 per week + 30-minute unpaid lunch daily

Pay Rate: $13.00 - $15.00 per hour (dependent on rates set by Newark Summer Youth Employment Program) 


COVID Safety Information: The Newark Youth Leadership Project will operate in-person during the Summer 2022 program season. Due to the nature of our work at Greater Newark Conservancy, interns will participate in mostly outdoor activities. Interns must be double vaccinated and boosted (if not eligible then boosted within two weeks of eligibility). 

Greater Newark Conservancy requires all staff and interns to follow COVID-19 guidelines set forth by the City of Newark Department of Health and Community Wellness, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, and other government and public health officials. 

Specific information regarding Greater Newark Conservancy COVID-19 policies will be released prior to the start of the program. 

Please use the form below to submit an application for the Newark Youth Leadership Project. 

Part I: Applicant Information

First Name *
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Part II: Department Ranking

During the 6 weeks of the program, interns will work closely with a staff member in one department. Please review the description of the departments below. Then, from 1-4, rank your interest in working in each department. 

While your rankings will be considered, it is possible you will not get your first choice of placement. Please be prepared to work in any department.

Horticulture Department: Led by our Landscape Supervisor, the Horticulture department is responsible for maintaining our Prudential Outdoor Learning Center--a 1.5 acre garden space dedicated to community beautification and education. Interns in this department will also receive training in operating a hydroponic system

Education Department: Led by our Director of Youth & Family Programs, the Education department is responsible for programming related to school gardens and community education. Interns in this department will travel to school garden sites throughout the city and assist in the implementation of family friendly educational programs

Farm Stand Department: Led by our Farm Stand Coordinator, the Farm Stand department is responsible for the sale of fresh produce throughout the community. Interns in this department are responsible for managing the Conservancy’s food sales and interacting with the public. Interns will also be responsible for food processing (sometimes cooking) and maintaining food safety procedures

Urban Farming Department: Led by our Urban Farm Manager, the Urban Farming department is responsible for supporting the food operations on our 3-acre Hawthorne Avenue Farm in the South Ward of Newark. Interns in this department will receive training in urban agriculture

Farm Stand
Urban Farming
Over the course of the internship program, you will be required to work outside during the summer months. Do you have any physical limitations that will prevent you from working outside during extremely warm or extremely cold weather?
Do you have any reservations about working outside, learning and researching environmental issues, and/or teaching others (children, community members, family, etc.) about the environment?

Part III: Essay Questions

Please answer the questions in 500 words or less. Question 1 is mandatory. For Question 2, please select whichever question you’d prefer.

Question 1 (mandatory):

Why do you want to participate in the Newark Youth Leadership Project summer internship program? What do you hope to gain from this experience? How did you choose to rank departments? 

Question 2 (choose one):

1. How do you define “the environment”? What are the various components that make up the environment that you described? How can we—as individuals or groups—influence this environment?


2. Describe a problem you have identified in the City of Newark. Briefly describe the steps you would take to learn more about this problem and go about addressing it.

Have you previously participated in the Newark Youth Leadership Project?


I confirm that the statements made by me on this form are true and correct. I understand that if I become a participant in the Newark Youth Leadership Project, any false statement on this application can be considered cause for dismissal. I am a naturalized citizen or have proof of my eligibility. I authorize investigation of all statements contained in this application for participation as may be necessary in arriving at a decision for participation.


First Name *
Last Name *

I confirm that the statements made by my child on this form are true and correct. If my child becomes a participant in the NYLP, I will support them fully. I understand that any false statement on this application can be cause for dismissal. 

Please be sure to review your application before submitting. Applicants should prepare to participate in a phone interview. Positions limited. 

For any questions regarding the program or this application, please email or call 973-642-4646 ext. 26

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