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Hope, Dream, Achieve!

Twenty years ago we introduced the Newark Youth Leadership Project (NYLP)—a year-round training program for high school students living in the Newark area. Since then, we’ve welcomed over 900 students and mentors, helping them develop their interpersonal, leadership, and communication skills. We devote tireless hours to empowering and enriching our interns’ lives by preparing them for college, improving their technical skills, and introducing them to the natural sciences. Interns in the program are encouraged to try new things, experience outdoor activities, and lead a healthier lifestyle.

Students work in one of our six interdisciplinary departments: horticulture, education, farm stand, media, urban farming, and office/accounting. Each department gives interns unique insight to the environmental sector. Urban Farming interns experience hands-on growing experience at our Hawthorne Avenue Farm where they learn how to grow and care for a variety of edible plants. Looking through a different lens—both literally and figuratively—Media interns learn how to communicate the importance of green spaces to the community. There’s something for every student at NYLP.

Each year, educators, mentors, and interns are inspired by the achievements of our youth. Program graduates have gone on to excel in college and beyond. Alumna Alisha discovered her love of baking and teaching through the NYLP, leading her to found her own baked goods business: Baked With Love. In the future she hopes to expand her business to include cooking and nutrition lessons for the community.

Greater Newark Conservancy serves as a haven for some students, many of whom don’t receive support in their schools or homes to pursue academic careers. From one-on-one pep talks to professional presentations on finances, nutrition and public speaking, the investments we make are worth a lifetime of success. There is nothing better than seeing a graduate achieve their dreams!

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